Oh deer.

For those of you who know me, this post may seem a bit ironic. In the last year I have started liking antlers and deer. Cute antlers and deer (not necessarily real). Now that it’s wintertime, I am starting to like them even more. A few weeks ago, L., E. and I browsed through our local antique mall and found a cute deer that just needed a little makeover. I asked L. what color she wanted to paint him. I gave her the choices of sparkly silver, gold, or red.

IMG_2746 copy

She chose silver glittery paint.

IMG_2752 copy

This is as far as she got before she was done. I was happy to finish the painting. To cover the whole deer, I had to apply two really thick layers of glitter paint.

IMG_2872 copy

He ended up so pretty and shiny. I love him in his little forest. For a while I thought of putting pink leg warmers on him. L. wanted purple leg warmers. Finally I decided that he would probably have an identity crisis if we gave him leg warmers. He is obviously a guy. And I’m pretty sure only the boy deer have antlers.

IMG_2879 copy

So we went with a plain, masculine red scarf.

IMG_2881 copy

IMG_2884 copy

He wears it well, don’t you think?


  1. What a peach! I mean, uh… hunk. 🙂 Love the scarf! Now you should make a lady deer with leg warmers because that would be adorable. 🙂


  2. Okay….so this little deer….well if it if ever missing, don’t check my house. How I love him. Maybe I should paint my thrift store find I was telling you about in glittery colors? Decisions…..decisions……


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