Celebrating Christmas

Each year we dig out the decorations, put up the tree and lights, and start baking sweet treats. These are traditions that have become dear to me. There isn’t an extensive biblical history or meaning behind each thing we do to celebrate Christmas. But our family unit is bonded closer each year. We read the story of Jesus’ birth maybe close to two hundred and forty times. We answer questions. Yes, Jesus really was born in a stable. L. has decided that Herod was a mean and very bad man. We talk, we sing, and celebrate.

IMG_2841 copy


IMG_2846_2 copy

We find extra heaps of patience for little helping hands.

IMG_2781 copy

We almost and quite possibly lose our sanity making a gingerbread house from scratch. Seriously. They are hard to make. And frosting covers a multitude of mistakes.
IMG_2866 copyBut those little hands.

IMG_2860 copy

Oh, those little hands. I thank the Lord for these little hands, for crumbs to clean, and time spent together with family. I thank the Lord for sending His Son as a wee babe, a Saviour for you and me. Celebrate Christmas this year. Celebrate by singing, baking, playing games, talking, decorating, reading, and spending time together.Β 


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