Pom Pom Gift Wrap.

My favorite gift wrap is regular brown craft paper (found on rolls in the office supply section of Walmart). It is very versatile. It is a nice empty canvas for any type of gift. This year I wanted to make some pom pom gift wrap. I’ve seen it at Anthropologie, and positively love it. I think some year I will try the white gift wrap with pom poms, but I used what I had on hand this year.

IMG_2912 copy

What you need: gift wrap, tape, Elmer’s school glue, a scissors, and pom poms (I found mine at Joanns). The first step is to wrap your gift. And the second step is to glue on the pom poms. That’s it! It takes a little time, but I didn’t feel like it was an overwhelming project.

IMG_2762 copy

Here you can still see some of the glue because it is still wet. It becomes clear once it dries.

IMG_2915 copy

The cute gift tags are a free printable from here.

IMG_2914 copy

We left a few gifts plain this year. I just wrapped them with bakers twine (another thing I love) and added a cute tag.

IMG_2920 copy

Enjoy your weekend, friends.


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