Usually after Christmas I get this incredible urge to put away the decorations and do some deep cleaning and organizing. This year was no different, but I squelched the urge. The tree is still up. L. loves turning off all the lights in the living room to enjoy the tree. It’s a way of remembering the celebration of the birth of our Savior.

We have the privilege of living near our families. Christmas Eve is most often spent with my family.

IMG_2959 copy

My mom enjoys setting a pretty table. The bright red and shiny gold, along with her good china. We celebrated with lots of delicious food and laughter around the table.

IMG_2957 copy

There were cute name tags, designed by my sweet sister. My aunt from Indiana joined our celebrations this year. She came bearing lots of German and Swiss chocolates and treats.

After dinner, my Dad read the Christmas story. This is the highlight of my Christmas. The one thing that doesn’t change. Hearing Dad read, from Luke and the prophets, rustling pages, and squirmy children. The children are squirmy because they know the gifts are coming soon. My Mom loves finding unique and special gifts for everyone. She finds mostly old things, sometimes new. My sister Mary spoils the children with special gifts for each one. The rest of us usually give handmade items or something simple.

IMG_3002 copy

Our little family likes to spend at least one evening sleeping in the living room. This is our first year without a fireplace. We would drag our mattress out from the bedroom and sleep in front of the fire. This year we used an air mattress because the thought of dragging our real mattress down our long flight of stairs seemed daunting. The children go crazy for a few moments. It’s probably all that good Swiss chocolate working its magic.

Once the sheets and pillows are in their proper place, everyone settles down. We searched utube for a different kind of fire and found a three-hour clip. So we had devotions and snuggles by the fire. It was good to hear crackling and popping noises as we drifted off to sleep.

IMG_3014 copy

On Christmas morning we gave our children a few gifts. Mostly old and a few new. Cozy slippers are very popular at our house.


After eating brunch with my family we spent the rest of the day with J.s family. J.s Mom loves us with her delicious food. It is always a good way to spend Christmas. The fire (real fire) is crackling and lots of laughter and noise as we celebrate together.


IMG_3087 copy





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