Gingerbread House Cookies

IMG_3061 copy


My sister Mary had the brilliant idea of making gingerbread house cookies instead of real gingerbread houses. On Christmas, the children were happy to decorate these cookies. The cookie is made of gingerbread (I am not sure what recipe she used). She drew a house template and cut them out before baking them. The icing is just regular buttercream.


IMG_3047 copy


She put the candy into cupcake liners to keep chaos at a minimum.


IMG_3062 copy


Each child had 8 different toppings, a bag with frosting, and a gingerbread house cookie.


IMG_3063 copy


Then the fun began. Surprisingly, it was a calm project. They were focused on piping frosting and eating candy. It also helped that they each had their own supplies.


IMG_3072 copy


This was L.’s finished product. Look at that pile of frosting!

The cookies fit perfectly into a quart sized Ziploc bag. We let L. eat what she could the morning after Christmas (after a nutritious breakfast). The rest was fed to the cat. She seemed to enjoy it.











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