Snow Days

Winter is quite possibly my favorite season. Don’t hate me people. I love the crisp, cold days and waking up to yet another layer of snow. Sparkling snow makes everything a bit more magical. I get it that it takes more energy to bundle up kids, and cabin fever is a very real thing.

IMG_3600 copy
When the sun doesn’t shine, it is easy to get discouraged. But when the sky dumps buckets of snow, it brightens up this dull, chilly earth. Sledding is always a good thing to do to bust away those winter blues.

IMG_3601 copy

Making snow castles is always fun. And eating snow is like traveling back in time.

IMG_3634 copy

Our yard was filled with snow rollers (or roses, onions, rolls, etc.) this week. They are pretty neat to look at and L. loved smashing them.

IMG_3645 copy

Hot cocoa is always a good way to warm up. Soup is pretty good too.


When those blues hit, spend what little energy you have to dress warmly and play outside. It will cheer you up and give you energy. Even if you get snow in your boots or pants, and every trip down the hill with a sled results in a wipeout. I can’t make this stuff up. Also, sleds have a mind of their own.


  1. I love winter too. The slower pace of life , winter projects, time to read, the sparkling snow. I love it that we have the 4 seasons.


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