A Unicorn & Princess Party

A while ago our sweet L. had a birthday. We let her lead in planning a birthday party. Her first choice was to have a unicorn party with 10-11 girls as guests. We had a hard time finding lots of unicorn things within budget, so we made it a unicorn and princess party. Because unicorns and princesses belong together, right? For the guests we gave her a limit of 5 and had her make the decision of whom to include. It is fun watching a little girlie work. I designed the invitations, with her approval of course.

IMG_3271 copy

IMG_3278 copy

IMG_3276 copy

L. was super excited to use my shiny gold pen to write the names on the invitations. After sealing the envelopes with a princess sticker, we sent them out to each princess.

IMG_3452 copy

For place settings, L. chose rainbow/pink/purple colors. We picked up cheap wands and party favors at walmart. Each girl got to go home with some goodies. I actually can’t remember what was in each bag. L. also made place cards to put on each plate. She chose the seating arrangement. She knew exactly where she wanted everyone to sit.

IMG_3459 copy


This cake didn’t take very long to make. And I’m glad I didn’t fuss too much because I think only one piece was eaten.

IMG_3510 copy

Our one lonely bit of unicorn decor – thanks to my sis-in-law for texting me when she saw it at our local antique mall.

IMG_3516 copy

These little things were golden. The girls went crazy over them. Marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and topped with sprinkles. The plain white marshmallows with rainbow sprinkles were a hit!

IMG_3521 copy

We didn’t serve only sugar, although there certainly was lots of it consumed. L. chose macaroni and cheese, broccoli, and applesauce as her menu. Plus all the sugary goodness. 🙂

IMG_3497 copy

IMG_3509 copy

The girls were asked to come dressed in princess attire. Excitement ran high that morning. All these pretty princesses with big huge grins and adorable outfits. For activities, we had tables set up for play dough and large coloring pages. The girls played and played. The noise level went up considerably after the sugar kicked in. It was fun to watch them interact and make new friends. I have so many cute pictures of these twirling princesses, but chose not to share them. Some day, these girls will be grown and may not want a blog filled with pictures from when they were little. 🙂 So just imagine lots of energy in pretty purple and pink twirling around.

IMG_3562 copy

Birthday girl was a little shy when it was time to open presents. I suggested that each girl could help her open the gift they were giving her. This seemed to work very well and made everyone happy. There were some tired princesses that afternoon.

If you’re wondering if you can find energy to have a birthday party, I encourage you to include your children in the planning stages. This seemed to take a lot of stress away from me. I can be so indecisive and stew over the smallest decisions. L. had opinions on everything if I just took the time to ask and listen to her. Some things were hard to let go and let her choose. I knew she would probably pick something that wouldn’t be my first choice. Dear J. helped me see the character and confidence we could build in her by letting her make decisions for herself. Obviously we had boundaries and a budget for things, lest you think we let our children do anything they please. L.’s most common argument when asking for something in a store is, “But Mom, it’s not too expensive.” 🙂

Have a good week, friends!

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