Summer was just so full of good things. We have moved on to autumn, and we love to slow down and enjoy our cozy home more (and blog more). But for today I’ll reminisce about the warm, green days of Summer.

We added a cat to our family. Mr. Claude in all his orange, mitten-pawed glory.

IMG_4521 copy

We enjoyed our flowers so much, especially our roses.
David Austin Wildeve.

IMG_4599 copy
IMG_4600 copy

David Austin Scepter’d Isle.

IMG_4601 copy
Sometimes instead of spending money on roses (cut flowers), J. will tell me to buy a rose bush. It has so much meaning and every year I can enjoy the flowers.

IMG_4630 copy
And L.’s little garden. She planted a few varieties of Zinnias. She picks orange as her favorite.

IMG_4612 copy

This photo is from July 4th weekend. Our family spent time together at the pond. The sky that evening was beautiful.

Enjoy your day!


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