A Kitten named Christmas.

IMG_3440 copy

Have you ever seen a kitten this cute? I have been dreaming of owning an orange kitten. Around Christmastime, my sister and her family adopted this cute kitten. They couldn’t decide on a name for her, so they just call her Christmas. The other day I was at their house for the day and just couldn’t get over her cuteness.

IMG_3428 copy

She wanted to come inside. I didn’t blame her.

IMG_3436 copy

My niece and nephew are worried about her name. They’re still having some trouble deciding what to name her. A few times I heard, “I mean, what if it’s June and we’re still calling her Christmas? That would be weird!” I suggested naming her Clementine. The decision still hasn’t been made. Any suggestions?

IMG_3439 copy

Enjoy your weekend friends!