Hold Fast.

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” II Corinthians 4:18

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These days it’s easy to just see sticks hugged tight by snow. Snow, that I love and wouldn’t mind a few more feet of. But then, you all know my stance on Winter. These sticks are what I see now, but with a little sunshine and warmth, they will bring beauty:

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IMG_1376 copy

And beauty abounds.


I love that God sends us reminders in the form of small things (like rose bushes in snow) to show us more of His glory and purpose. This one, beautiful life is only temporary. How glorious will eternity be!

Enduring a Long Winter.

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Lots of people don’t like Winter. A few (like me) love it. I have no animals to feed or tend to. Well, that’s not true. I have a cat. She greets me every morning by scratching on the window or hanging on the screen door. Yep, that screen is ripped. It’s okay, the screen can be replaced. Once it’s warm, I’ll train that cat. I digress.

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My way of enduring is by loving Winter. It helps to play in the snow, or shovel the snow until your shoulders ache. The way I see it, at least snow makes the world sparkle. If it’s going to be cold and frozen, snow will only make it better.

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Sometimes when the children are sick, or it’s just too cold to play outside it’s easy to get cabin fever. Plants help keep this mama sane. Oh, I’ve killed my fair share of indoor plants. I do not even claim to have a green thumb. But even if every plant dies, you can bet I’ll try again next year.

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Orchids are my nemesis. I try every winter. So far it’s Orchids 3 :: Carrie 0. This year may be different.

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IMG_3783 copy

Baby tears are an easy indoor plant. I bought one plant last Sprint for L.’s fairy garden. Last fall I divided it into three or four plants. I kept one for myself and gave the rest away.  I plan on using this in our fairy garden this year.

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IMG_3758 copy

IMG_3771 copy

IMG_3773 copy

Ferns from my mama. She has a green thumb and graciously shares her plants with me.

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This geranium has been blooming since last Spring. I found it at a local green house and loved the color.

IMG_3776 copy

IMG_3778 copy


IMG_3780 copy

IMG_3777 copy

I know I probably should have let it go dormant in the basement, but it has been such a joy to look at. I plan to take cuttings off soon and root them in water.

If you can’t enjoy the pure white snow and cold, try some green. It also helps to plan a garden. This is my best defense against cabin fever. This year, L. is planning her own garden. So far, she has picked zinnias, broccoli and rainbow carrots. Last night we decided to add some sweet peas to the mix.

Spring is coming soon!